Pinnaplasty and otoplasty, London

If you’re unhappy with the position or shape of your ears, respected and experienced surgeon Dan Marsh is pleased to offer pinnaplasty or otoplasty corrective surgery from a variety of London locations, including his clinic in Harley Street.

Our ears start to take shape in the womb from as early as 4 weeks, and are gradually developed through a series of intricate ‘folding’ stages, where the final position and shape are determined. Unfortunately, during this period of development, occasionally things may go a little off track – leaving around 2% of the UK’s population with ears that they feel stand out for all the wrong reasons.

While it can be upsetting to suffer from prominent ears, a fairly straight-forward surgery, known as pinnaplasty or otoplasty can easily correct the problem.

With over 3,000 plastic surgery operations under his belt so far, Dan welcomes you to arrange a consultation for ear correction surgery – please call 0203 733 2069 for more information.

How is ear correction surgery performed?

Corrective ear surgery can be carried out on adults or children, although for the latter, it’s generally advised to wait until the child is at least 5 years old.
As we’re not symmetrical, the work required will likely differ between the two ears, but during your consultation Dan will listen to your requirements and help to guide you towards the best approach to resolve your problem.

During your pinnaplasty or otoplasty procedure, Mr Marsh will make a small incision near the groove that sits between the ear and the side of your head. This will allow him to carry out the necessary work which may include:

  • Re-shaping of the cartilage
  • Removal of excess cartilage
  • Folding of the cartilage

Once the desired shape is achieved, stitches will be placed to hold the ear in its new position and shape while it heals. The incision used to access the ear cartilage is hidden in the crease behind the ear and is very difficult to see.

As with any surgical procedure there are some potential risks involved which Dan will discuss in detail with you during your initial consultation – although you’ll be pleased to hear that risks with ear correction surgery are generally very minimal.

Book your consultation for otoplasty

London based surgeon Mr Marsh operates from a variety of locations, including the Royal Free Hospital and Harley Street – to book a consultation at the most convenient time and location for you, please call 0203 733 2069 and either Dan or his secretary will be delighted to help.

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