Along with other a few other common ‘problem’ areas, the upper arms lose shape and tone over time due to the natural ageing process or to weight loss, leaving some patients with ‘bingo wings’ looking for a solution... that solution is brachioplasty, or as it’s better known, an arm lift.

London based surgeon, Dan Marsh, has a vast amount of training and experience in carrying out arm lift surgery to the satisfaction of many patients over the years. With clinics in Harley Street, Harrow, Enfield and Hampstead, you can book a consultation at your preferred location by calling 0203 733 2069.

Arm lift surgery and liposuction

While arm lift surgery can be used in isolation where there is a lot of excess skin, it is generally used in conjunction with liposuction, which can also be carried out across other problem areas if required.

Removing excess skin and fat from the upper arms through the combination of brachioplasty and liposuction is a very effective way to tighten and improve the appearance of this part of the body, giving you more confidence in your own skin, and more freedom to wear whatever you like, rather than feeling you have to cover up.

An arm lift offers several visual improvements:

• Reduced arm circumference
• Removes excess, loose skin
• Improves tone, shape and contour

The brachioplasty procedure

The first thing to note is that the best results from arm lift surgery are seen when the patient has already achieved their goal weight, so if you’re currently undertaking a weight loss regime, you may want to focus on brachioplasty as a future goal.

Under general anaesthetic or sedation, Mr Marsh will make an incision on the inner aspect of the upper arm, which will be used to remove any excess fat and through which liposuction will be carried out. Any loose skin will also be removed, before the arm is lifted and stitched into place, for a neat, tighter and smoother appearance.

While you will be left with a scar at the incision site, over the course of time, this should fade to become less visible.

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Dan is 100% committed to delivering a great patient experience, and will take time during your consultation to listen to your worries and wishes, answer any questions you have, and conduct a thorough assessment of your suitability for arm lift surgery.

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